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Preparing for the 'Unknown and Unknowable'

Last week, while trying to drill a clown with a lacrosse ball on the Santa Monica Pier, I had a brief moment of clarity.

Never in my life have I thrown a ball to a 6x3 object that was 8' away. And, with the risk of sounding "braggy" or cocky, I think I did an average job. Interesting, isn't it?

After all this time of non-specific training (gymnastics, weightlifting, endurance, ball sports), it turns out that this whole 'functional fitness' thing works. There is a certain level of skill transfer (proprioception, cognitive development) that comes with picking up a barbell, jumping really high, and tossing a lopsided ball to a target on the wall.

If you're looking to get fit, try a training plan. If you're looking to get better, discipline need not matter, try training high intensity functional fitness.

What we're talking about today is common sense information that requires some digging to get to. And it's bigger than fitness, folks - I hope that you see it that way, too.


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