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Disclaimer: Welcome to class - there will be a quiz at the end of the article.


About three years ago, I found myself on a Google Hangout call with the POWERSPEEDENDURANCE team. Nothing new here - we have staff meetings all the time.

However, as these calls usually go, every time, I think to myself "I wonder how long it's going to take them to realize that I am underqualified? And I definitely don't belong here".

With most of our calls, we usually have guest speakers walking us through their specialty - giants in their profession; without name dropping, these are the people that you pay thousands of dollars to learn from. Literal thousands. And, 100% of the time, it's worth every penny.

How lucky am I to be a wallflower in these meetings?

The answer: It's not a coincidence.

In the past eight years, since moving away from home, I've tirelessly worked in fields that I've been passionate about: servant leadership, service to our country, and human physiology. It's certainly not a coincidence when you 'bump' into the most-knowledgeable people in those realms of work.

As urban philosopher, Lupe Fiasco, once said: 'Real recognize real.'

Here's the [vague] advice that I have to offer: the highest-performing individuals gravitate towards each other. It's, very rarely, a coincidence for fate to take the reins and happenstance have you sitting at a dinner table with winners.

Quiz: If being a striver surrounds you with the alike, where does complaining get you?

Don't think too hard on this.


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